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BAME in Property, which works to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in real estate, has announced a new name, brand and expanded purpose. The new name, ‘PREACH Inclusion®’ (PREACH standing for Promoting Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage), acknowledges the evolution of the organisation’s services and scope. PREACH Inclusion® will not only promote racial, ethnic and cultural diversity across the Built Environment sector, it will also support the sector towards greater intersectional inclusion. 

Over the last 18 months, what was ‘BAME In Property’ has expanded to include race workshops, creative content around faith and religion, as well as insights into identity and cultural heritage. PREACH Inclusion® will grow this, exploring workshops on identity and cultural intelligence (also known as CQ). It will also continue its existing services, including: corporate and individual memberships, events, a job promotion board, consultancy, community engagement strategies, and support on industry educational campaigns.

The new name and brand acknowledge that the term BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) can be insufficient when it comes to describing individual ethnic groups, as well as the huge diversity of people with whom PREACH Inclusion® works and represents. Born out of dialogue and debate with many in the industry, the new name reflects the views of those who do not identify as ‘BAME’ and are keen to see the industry move away from this controversial term. 

Founder and Director Priya Aggarwal-Shah launched BAME in Property in 2018 to challenge the status quo and to address taboos within the sector around unconscious and conscious bias, microaggressions, racism, as well as staff retention and senior representation in the leadership of ethnic minorities. The organisation, which began as a part-time passion project, has since hosted networking events with industry leaders for thousands of property professionals, built a respected social media platform and has been a role model for the industry in demonstrating best practice campaigns for the likes of Race Equality Week, #MyNameIs, and South Asian Heritage Month – to name a few. Priya left her role at a leading communications consultancy to go full-time with BAME in Property in the summer of 2022. Current clients include Montagu Evans, Trident Building Consultancy, National Grid, Turley, London Property Alliance and many others.

Priya Aggarwal-Shah, Founder and Director, PREACH Inclusion®: 

“BAME in Property is something I have been so proud of, but in recent years, we’ve seen first-hand a greater interest in anti-racism and people using ethnicity and cultural heritage as a mode of identification. Our new name, PREACH Inclusion®, reflects our desire to do more, to have a greater impact and to recognise that personal identity can come not just from race, but through the intersection of race, ethnicity and cultural heritage. 

“We know that talking about race, ethnicity and identity can, for many, be daunting. Our mission is to act as the industry’s critical friend and guide – and to be disruptive when needed. Why? Because ultimately inclusive corporate workplaces deliver diversity of thoughts – which in turn breeds greater innovation, creativity, and more successful places. Through tailored services, creative analogies, and strategic advice, we’re helping companies PREACH Inclusion® as a key part of their overall company strategy – not just an afterthought.”

Victoria Thompson, HR Director, Montagu Evans:

The new brand was unveiled at an event last night (Thursday 25 April), sponsored by Montagu Evans. HR Director Victoria Thompson said: “A diverse and inclusive workforce brings with it diversity of thought, skills and experience which enable us all to be progressive, innovative and make a difference. Priya has already made an enormous, positive impact on the sector but there is still lots more to do. This new name and focus on greater intersectional inclusion is an important – and welcome – next step.”

Bhavini Shah, Partner at Montagu Evans and the Partner Sponsor of our racial and ethnic inclusion employee network, Open Circle, 

“Last night was a fantastic example of the diverse talent and brilliant allies we have in our industry. We look forward to continuing our important relationship with PREACH Inclusion and are really excited to bring the intersectional lens that Priya referenced in her speech last night into our own DE&I strategy.”

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