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| 1 minute read


Welcome to the latest episode of Montagu Evans Talks… The Living Series; the podcast for insightful discussions on the future of living. This mini-series is part of our Towns of Tomorrow campaign, delving into the heart of the future of our town and city centres.

In this episode, Kate Brennan, a Partner in the Living and Land team at Montagu Evans, talks to Nick Barnet, Senior Investment and Finance Manager at Quintain; Julia Morrow, Director of Acquisitions at Grainger PLC; and Rosie Ashton, Principal Director & Founder of Studio Ashton, delving into the dynamic realm of Build to Rent.

In the podcast, they'll be exploring the challenges the sector has faced over recent years and uncovering the enduring fundamentals that underpin this industry, including discussing the crucial role of affordability and dissecting its reputation versus its true essence.

The conversation will also examine the ever-evolving landscape of Build to Rent amenities. From striving to be the biggest and the best to adapt to the changing mid-market landscape, they'll explore the importance of flexibility and discover what's on the horizon.

But that's not all – they also address the critical aspect of ESG considerations. From the fabric of buildings to the materials used and the overall tenant experience, they'll navigate the path toward sustainable and responsible urban living. It’s a fascinating conversation, and we hope you enjoy it.



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