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National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is a time to shine a spotlight on the invaluable role apprenticeships play in shaping the future workforce. With this year's theme being 'Skills for Life,' the focus is on the significance of apprenticeships in gaining skills that extend far beyond the workplace. It is a celebration of the commitment to lifelong learning, personal growth, and professional development, providing them with the tools they need for a successful and fulfilling career journey.

At Montagu Evans, we offer a five-year apprenticeship in Partnership with the University of Westminster. Apprentices rotate between departments, gaining a complete experience, where time is split between studies, one day per week, which will be delivered online until classroom learning resumes and our offices (and virtually), four days per week. For the final two years, our apprentices automatically join our graduate rotation programme, where they work towards completing their APC to become RICS qualified.

To celebrate NAW, we asked some of our apprentices about their experiences so far, why they would recommend taking an apprenticeship and how they feel apprentices are enhancing the organisations they work for. We also chatted with Lucy, an apprentice mentor, and Jess, our early careers coordinator. 


“I would recommend a Degree Apprenticeship to anyone who wishes to benefit from entering a real business environment and gaining a recognised qualification. You develop skills for life and hands-on experience directly relevant to your chosen career path which going to university alone cannot provide. 

Since joining Montagu Evans in September 2022, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an apprentice. I feel valued and supported by everyone, and I am pleased to have been entrusted with responsibility at a higher level than I first imagined. I feel that apprentices bring a diversity of thought and positivity into an organisation.”


“There are multiple reasons why a degree apprenticeship appealed to me, but the main one was the ability to merge my academic learning from university with the projects/tasks I work on in the workplace. This helps bolster my knowledge, skills, and experience of my desired career.  

Since joining Montagu Evans in September 2022, I have been supported in the transition from sixth form to a professional working lifestyle by all the team and was eased into the process. The culture of Montagu Evans allows you to have a great work-life balance and overall enjoy the work you do. 

Apprentices are helping to diversify teams and bring new perspectives to projects from a younger mindset. Our hands-on experience contributes to the firm’s success and growth, which provides great self-achievement.”


“The main benefit of employing apprentices is introducing fresh talent and ideas to the business, where you can align training to the company’s specific business needs as well as upskilling existing employees. It can also boost staff loyalty and motivation due to the relationships formed and the business familiarity.

More specifically for ME, the scheme offers apprentices to gain experience in up to 7 different departments of the business. By the end of the 5 years, apprentices will have a great understanding of the business as a whole, which is beneficial in the long run in regard to referrals and collaboration. Additionally, it allows the apprentice to identify their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes in the business. As a result, their department selection at the end of the apprenticeship process is likely to be a more secure decision, thus further increasing staff loyalty and motivation.”


“The Apprenticeship Scheme that we offer at Montagu Evans is a fantastic programme which opens up opportunities for individuals from non-traditional academic backgrounds to start their careers within the real estate industry. Apprentices bring innovation and diversification to the firm, infusing fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and a drive for learning in the workplace. Their presence not only fuels growth but also encourages a culture of resilience, adaptability, and collaboration, which helps us to be a thriving and dynamic organisation.”


“I love seeing our Apprentices go from strength to strength and having such a successful start to their career. Our Apprentices are highly valued members of our organisation, contributing to the success of the teams they work with. Not only this, but they contribute to the wider business outside of the day job, most notably by taking an active role in our FutureGen Network.”

[Our Apprentices photographed: Louie Earle-Davis, Aaron Singh, Jack Winterton, Ellie Smith, Anna Mido, Justin Parker. Not pictured, Ellana Woodley and Jamil Saiyed].


As National Apprenticeship Week unfolds, let's reflect on the theme 'Skills for Life' and the profound impact apprenticeships have on individuals and organisations. The skills acquired during apprenticeships are not just for the workplace; they are tools that individuals carry with them throughout their lives, contributing to personal growth, adaptability, and continuous learning. To learn more about these celebrations, you can visit the official NAW website here, and for further information on our early career careers, visit here.


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