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This briefing paper provides an overview of planning policy news and recent/emerging consultations or changes within the Central London boroughs, as well as updates from the Mayor of London. 

Headlines from Q2 2023:

  • The Mayor commenced consultation on new London Planning Guidance relating to affordable housing and viability, as well as adopting some previously consulted-upon LPGs relating to design.
  • Islington’s draft Local Plan continues to be at the most advanced stage of the Central London borough’s draft plans. The examination concluded in 2021, and modifications are continuing into 2023.
  • The hearing sessions for Kensington and Chelsea’s Examination of its New Local Plan Review commenced in June 2023 and are due to run until mid-July.
  • The City of London continues early consultation on the new City Plan, with workshop sessions being held during the summer and the Local Plans Sub-Committee meeting to discuss emerging issues on offices and tall buildings.
  • Hammersmith and Fulham issued a draft Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document for a consultation to support its climate goals and the application of its sustainability policies. 
  • Following last year’s Article 4 Direction modifications by the Government, the Chief Planner, Joanna Averley, stepped in to modify Tower Hamlet’s proposed Article 4 direction, expanding the area available to utilise Class MA permitted development rights (commercial to residential)

A full update is attached below. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our Central London planning team


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