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Working with Sheffield Council for over 9 years, we assisted Sheffield in the delivery of their master plan aiming to revitalise the city centre as part of their Heart of the City II strategy, aimed to drive economic growth back into Sheffield. This involved working with the City’s strategic development manager Queensberry to shape and deliver this vision.

Sheffield city centre had a number of longstanding challenges to restore economic growth and prosperity. After financial studies indicated it wasn't viable for the private sector to deliver its vision, the Council took the decision to lead a review of what should be done and needed a partner to assist.

Working closely with the council and the new architects, Montagu Evans created a masterplan with a phase-by-phase approach and unique framework that ensured each stage met the correct commercial and planning requirements. This then led to the appointment of Queensberry as development manager. Key business targets were met, from the procurement of the new HSBC headquarters in the heart of the city to the retention of the historic buildings and supporting local independents. The new masterplan has also worked towards the creation of new residential development, leisure facilities, a hotel and a new urban park open to all.

The relationship between Sheffield and Montagu Evans, and Queensberry has been key to delivering the strategy and ensuring it is commercially viable and bringing wider benefits to the city.

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