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The Town Centre group is a collective of our people and services dedicated to unlocking challenges of property and development in our urban places. It is an area we have always been active and now more so than ever given the level of change.

Which is why we are launching our Towns of Tomorrow campaign. A year of activity and thought leadership designed to make us think about the challenges we will face over the next decade. What decisions will need to be taken now for the buildings of tomorrow?

It builds upon the foundations of our City of Tomorrow campaign, but looking at towns and cities across the UK. It is something we can all be passionate about, given it touches all of us in some way. We will explore around the themes of the future of Work, Retail, Living, Transport, Healthcare and Sustainability in our Town Centres, supported with videos of case studies in exemplar places.

So why are these town centre trends and themes collectively important?

More and more of us are living in urban environments. In the UK it is 84%, and the urbanisation trend is upward across the world. Our towns and cities make up only 2% of the Earth’s surface but are  responsible for 80% of all economic output, as well as 60% of energy and 70% of global waste. More big picture trends can be found in our emerging research paper here.

Therefore, we want to help our public and private sector clients understand where they should invest their time, energy and capital now – for the projects that are going to be delivered in 10 years-time and will be integral to our quality of life, economic output and sustainability.

Themes from our launch event can be found here.

Images and video clips can be followed here.

Views on the now controversial 15 minute city ideals click here.

We look forward to sharing this year of insight with you.  Click below to watch highlights from our launch event.


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