Welcome to Montagu Evans Talks..., the NextGen Leaders podcast series that hears directly from Property and Real Estate Leaders on their expectations for London as the City of Tomorrow.

In this series, tied to our City of Tomorrow campaign, we give the real estate and property experts of the future the opportunity to hear directly from current industry leaders on their views of the City of Tomorrow and how it will impact their future place to live, work and play. We’ll be hearing their unique perspectives and experiences as we explore the fundamental shifts in the built environment and the range of opportunities and threats this creates.

In this episode, Hannah Williams talks to Mark Allan, the Chief Executive Office of Landsec.

They discuss a range of topics such as the importance of creating the right environment for your business to attract and retain future talent, the role of the office post covid, and changes that need to be made to make the space fit for purpose for the workers of today.

Click below to listen. It’s a fascinating conversation and we hope you enjoy it!