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I recently chaired an interesting webinar focused on the London Plan and how it might impact the real estate world in the years to come. The London Plan was released earlier this year and sets out a framework for how London will develop over the next 20-25 years and the Mayor’s vision for Good Growth. 

We hosted the webinar with Rob McNicol, the GLA’s London Plan Manager, who outlined the following:

  • How the Plan has evolved to the document finally published in March 2021.
  • How It is relevant to current issues the capital is facing (including climate emergency / Covid-19).
  • How the Plan will be implemented on the ground, including through further guidance & development in Opportunity Areas.

Following on from Rob's presentation, representatives of our sector teams outlined the implications of the Plan for different aspects of development in London, including industrial, housing, offices, historic environment, retail and town centres.

If you missed our event, catch up with the recording below.

If you have any queries on anything mentioned at the event then feel free to get in contact with any of my colleagues or Rob at the GLA on the contact details below.

Rob McNicolLondon Plan Manager, GLA
Jody SmithPartner, Industrial
Kevin WhitePartner, Town Centres
Bruno JaczkowskiPartner, Housing
Angus Marlow-ThomasPartner, Offices
Kate Falconer-HallAssociate, Historic Environment and Townscape
Jonny GoldstoneAssociate, Retail & Leisure 


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