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It's great to see leadership from the G15 and other parts of the property sector coming forward on this topic to support our keyworkers. However, it is important to note that there are already existing efforts to deliver keyworker housing for NHS workers (ranging from the Dept of Health and Social Care to NHS Trusts and other parts of the NHS involved in property).

It is imperative that these key NHS stakeholders are involved in discussions on delivering keyworker homes as we know from our own experience that their support and provision of data (on current and future need linked to staff need) will bolster and support proposals at the planning stage in particular. 

It is also important to remember that Councils have their own waiting lists of people and families to house and there is already existing pressure on Council Planners and affordable housing policy in terms on how to accommodate all needs so if a case for keyworker Homes can be demonstrated by the keyworker employer then the case is stronger.

Notting Hill Genesis housing association chief executive Kate Davies has unveiled a plan to create ‘Homes for Heroes’ – for NHS staff and other ‘essential’ public service workers.


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