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Delivery drone technology is available in most countries throughout the world but their commercial use is limited by the registration of patents and licencing. So why aren't we fast tracking their use? 

This topical article highlights how they could be used to alleviate issues created by COVID-19, as a more efficient, more environmentally friendly and contactless way to deliver items such as food and medicine, to those that need it most in our society.

For anyone self isolating at home it won't have escaped your notice that there is less air pollution from vehicles and planes yet despite this the 'white van delivery' has been prevalent along most streets. How many of these deliveries could have been carried out by drones? With a battery travel time of up to an hour most could arguably be flown from outside of our towns and cities, thus for the majority of home delivered products (which are less than 4 kg in weight) it would negate the need for a last mile delivery stopover. They might even be flown direct from retail stores themselves to help maintain business.

Is the property industry ready for the commercialisation of drone flights and its impact on both retail and distribution? Once they start there will be no going back and looking ahead at post-COVID-19 we may well have already answered that. For commercial property, unlike our honey bees, drones might just have a sting in the tail....

Groundbreaking Drone Startup Delivers Medicines And Groceries To Vulnerable People Self-Isolating Because Of Coronavirus


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