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The current situation is introducing uncertainties across all walks of life and in these unprecedented times the planning process is no exception.

Given the desire on the part of developers, consultants and Local Authorities to ‘keep the wheels turning’ there is a need for interim measures and where appropriate emergency legislation to provide powers and procedures appropriate to the circumstances.

The Scottish Government struck early this week with the matters contained in The Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill, but with further measures expected there will be a need to monitor effectiveness, and whether the measures go far enough to keep the system moving.

The attached note summarises the key changes, what’s missing and what we expect to be coming next, but we at Montagu Evans wonder if some of the measures go far enough and provide enough flexibility – for example the extension of permissions to April 2021. Does this provide enough time to review the deliverability of proposals in what we expect will be a very different market post Coronavirus. Consistency of measures across the UK to ensure that no one is disadvantaged will also be an important consideration.

Lots more to come on this and we will provide further updates. We’re here to help and if you want to discuss any aspect of the changes please contact any member of the Montagu Evans team.


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