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Further to last week’s note on the extensive measures announced by the Scottish Government, additional information has now been provided clarifying a number of points. 

A link to these areas is included here but in summary they offer a welcome detail for business of all sizes – from rates relief and grants, to State Aid limits and rules around empty properties

There are some extra details around process to bear in mind too. Although it is the expectation of the Scottish Government that all councils will automatically grant 12-month rates relief, in reality this will take time to process. For some, there will undoubtedly be examples where relief has failed to be applied and further approach will be necessary.

The increase of the State Aid Limit will assist some but restrict many. We are aware that this increase falls in line with other European countries and although the Government continues to seek approval from the European Union for removal of all limits it is unclear whether the Scottish Government will amend its stance if limits are removed.

There remains, too, an element of confusion as to what is deemed retail, hospitality and leisure. A list of qualifying properties was issued by the Scottish Government last week but has since been removed from its website. We recommend regular checks for more updates: this is a fast-moving situation and we’re expecting further details to come through.  


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