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Last week Adidas opened their new flagship store in London. The store is an impressive display of new technologies. But do not get distracted by all the technological cleverness. At the centre of the new Adidas store are the human factors.

The store is full of bold messages and experiences that help you to connect with the brand on a very human level. Some examples of this are:

  • The use of mannequins that represent various body types and abilities sends a message of inclusivity and diversity.
  • Environmental awareness messages which explain to the shoppers that sustainable materials have been used in the design of the store or that an element is powered by 100% green energy.
  • Dedicated areas, workshops and events to create, repair or personalise your items.
  • Very interactive shop assistants that make you feel part of the experience through little touches, such as throwing you a ball inviting you to play with them or asking you for the result of the last Real Madrid match.

Meanwhile Nike recently opened their Nike Live stores in Long Beach California and Shibuya Tokyo.

Nike Live use data science, provided by the analysis of shopping patterns, app usage and engagement of members in the local neighbourhoods, to offer tailored products and services to the taste of the particular community where the store is located. Data is the new oil!

These stores are defined by Nike as the perfect neighbourhood store. Their shopfronts are decorated by local artists and they are full of community-based events and activities.

With these initiatives, Adidas and Nike are showing that they understand that in the current retail environment technology should embrace the human factor to provide the right service to a more discerning and socially conscious customer.

Not only does it showcase Adidas’ latest and best-selling releases, it also offers a tech-driven customer experience – such as an interactive changing room.


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