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I wrote with enthusiasm about Harrods charity pop up in London expanding their traditional role, focus and showing great creativity with a community angle with a charity focused approach. 

Pop ups continue to be embraced by customers who seek new ways to connect with occupiers of trading space wherever the location, with enthusiasm for changing concepts and mediums of connectivity. 

This latest pop up idea again pushes the boundaries further forward moving away from an occupier simply wanting to sell their products or provide 'theatre', to providing advice on a subject which all of us find difficult to embrace. In this way the pop up has evolved to provide support to consumers and communities. Being located in a shopping centre is likely to transcend age boundaries, whereas if it were a service offered in a doctors surgery, medical centre, religious institution, etc, it would be unlikely to have the same exposure, interest and accessibility. 

Great to see how pop ups can revitalize towns and be community led.

Kicked the bucket,” said one poster. “Popped your clogs. Pushing up daisies. Gone to a better place.” It is, with taxes, one of life’s two certainties, yet we still speak of death in euphemisms.


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