The City of Edinburgh Council are in the process of preparing their next Local Development Plan for Edinburgh, to be titled City Plan 2030.

On Wednesday 29 September 2021, the Council’s Planning Committee resolved to approve its Proposed City Plan 2030 to be published for a period of public consultation. The formal commencement of the consultation is currently scheduled for 7 November 2021.

In line with the provisions of the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, the next Local Development Plan for Edinburgh will cover a 10 year period from 2022 - 2032, and in conjunction with the provisions of the eagerly awaited National Planning Framework 4, will be one of only two key documents that will form the basis of the assessment of the suitability of future development proposals across Edinburgh.

This thought piece will explore some of the key changes set out within the Proposed Plan, as well as the potential implications of the proposals, if implemented.

The publication of the Proposed Plan represents a real opportunity to engage in the Plan making process and we would encourage our clients, existing and prospective, to get involved to influence the policies and proposals of the Proposed Plan.


The planning and development team can assist in discussing the implications of the Proposed City Plan 2030 with you. We would encourage any party with an interest in land or development in and around Edinburgh to engage in the process to prepare the new Plan and we would be pleased to discuss how we might make representations on your behalf.