The latest Government announcements on moving out of lockdown has created a lot of noise, and some confusion, around the detail to return to work. The one thing that is clear, is now is the time to think about restarting the economy and society to create a platform to rebuild in a more positive, collaborative and sustainable way.

Both public and private sector markets have demonstrated adaptability and flexibility over the last few months. Where we have accelerated the pace of change, collaborated across organisational boundaries and embraced technology to support new ways of working, these changes should be carried forward and cemented as we #restart and #rebuild.

We have quite rightly been focused on the return to the physical workplace and getting back to some sort of normal working habits, but there are other areas of business that need to be assessed too:

  • Have partner appetites for risk changed?
  • Are strategies designed before the pandemic still relevant?
  • What has the impact been on our supply chain?
  • Are our people armed with the right capabilities and skill set to deliver?
  • Have our decision making processes adapted and do we have confidence in the decisions we have made?

Understanding this baseline position and determining where our teams and processes have changed for the better will create new opportunities to not just survive but thrive!