Great to see the final report from our 3-part series with Future of London, “Paying for it”, a programme that explored public, private and alternative/emerging sources of funding to better understand the potential threats and opportunities to future project delivery. 

The paper serves as a useful snapshot of current trends and options for funding, in what is otherwise a complicated fast-moving environment for our public sector clients. In a time of such political and economic uncertainty, it’s crucial that sectors across the built environment work together to ensure responsible, modern and sustainable project delivery. This event allowed us to explore the barriers and risks constraining much needed investment, regeneration and infrastructure delivery, as well as areas of untapped funding potential. 

Whilst it’s apparent that there is a significant quantum and range of funding sources out there ready to invest in development, it is also clear that funding opportunities can appear complicated and difficult to access.  Amongst a broad spectrum of stakeholders across the industry, issues such as complex land ownership, inconsistency in leadership, lack of resource and conflicting priorities between public and private sectors still challenge many developments.