The evolution of Uber and its never-ending desire to connect us in person, or with our food, continues apace with its latest drone invention to carry our dinner to a driver on the ground for the last mile delivery; having the potential to combine the increased reach and speed of a drone flight with customer service through personalised delivery.

One wonders what other items will be sent to households via this method, and consequently the implications for traditional last mile delivery. Will the requirement for last mile delivery hubs or warehouses wane if you can simply land an item on a delivery vehicle (with or without a driver, either stationary or moving) to then be dropped off to the consumer? Undoubtedly the size of the item and the drone’s carrying capacity will be limiting factors, or will they?

The advent of the Uber flying car and BA’s self-driving, self-navigating delivery dolly both have the potential to negate the need for last mile storage.