It’s undeniable that technological innovations such as barcodes, commercially used for the first time on a chewing gum package back in 1964, or escalators initially installed in Macy’s department store in 1902, have greatly contributed to the retail evolution.

The Insider Trends’ article details some of the new most remarkable initiatives. These new technologies can hugely optimise the customers’ shopping experience.

With the intention of adapting to a rapidly changing environment, retailers are working on new technologies which will provide better data about customers' behaviour and innovations which will help them to improve omnichannel experiences.

However, retailers need to be cautious and prevent the sector from turning into a self-service model, with zero human interaction. Something we have started to notice with Amazon Go stores.

The fact remains, people essentially enjoy shopping where they receive an impeccable customer service by very professional staff. In a competitive environment, people combined with technology will be the differentiator.